Pilates is for Everyone

Ruth Kobin: 100 Years Old and Healthy Thanks to Pilates and Weight Lifting 

About 7 years ago Kitty Carlisle Hart at 95 (and in tights and a leotard no less) was featured in a New York One segment on Exercise for Seniors. A young male personal trainer who was very full of himself was talking about the importance of exercise for ‘the active agers’, and what this population should be doing. Ms Hart looked at him and told him that she had been doing Pilates for years, at which point she then got down on the exercise mat and demonstrated her Pilates prowess, while the wide eyed and wide mouthed personal trainer just stood there watching.

Pilates is the fountain of youth! What we must keep in mind though, is that Pilates really is for everyone. While there are countless women who do Pilates - the reality is that Pilates was created by a man for men. It just so happens that woman were drawn to the method and seem to have embraced it more than men have. If I can continue to move and do all the things that I easily did at 25 when I am 65 or older then I think - enough said!

Kevin Bowen